Since its foundation, the experience of management professionals, gained in multinational pharmaceutical companies, has allowed the development of a flexible organization that is adequate to the needs of an increasingly complex and ever-changing market.

By orienting the core business to pharmaceutical innovation, presenting on the market medical devices and new generation drugs, the Azienda Farmaceutica Italiana presents itself as a true protagonist of the national and European pharmaceutical market.
The goal of the Azienda Farmaceutica Italiana is to find new therapeutic solutions and new treatment options in order to improve the patient’s quality of life, the only protagonist of the company mission.


“When the world ceases to be the place of our personal desires and hopes, when we face it as free men, observing with admiration, curiosity and attention, we enter the realm of art and science.
If we use the language of logic to describe what we see and hear, then we are engaging in scientific research.
A common element of the two experiences is that passionate dedication to what transcends personal will and interests.

A. Einstein

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